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Road Trip: Boise 70.3

The big day is almost here!

Kyle and his brother, Kendrich, are competing in the Boise half-Ironman tomorrow. We spent all day Thursday in the car heading down. I don’t know if it’s because we made the drive so much in college or what, but there’s just something about the drive from Cd’A to Boise that I just love.


Of course the scenery is gorgeous, for the most part, but it makes me feel peaceful and at ease. It’s probably the fact that I don’t have to be at work, or taking care of housework, but I like to think it’s the drive.

We stopped in McCall for a bite to eat (as usual) and tried a Mexican place called Chapala’s. It was delicious! I’m actually munching on my leftover fajitas as I type this… mmmmmm.

Anywho… I want to check in before the race tomorrow to let you all know that you can track the boys online. I think it can only give their times at certain checkpoints, but it’s better than nothing. There’s also a live feed, blog and of course social media sites. Cool story, Apollo Ono is competing this year, we saw him at check-in today; he was being interviewed so we didn’t get to meet him. I was hoping to get a pic to show you but perhaps tomorrow. You can track his time as well if you are wanting to tap into you inner stalker.


Kyle is number 1297 and Kendrich is 1243. Just visit the Track an Athlete page on the Ironman site and select the race (or just click that hyperlink and save yourself some time).

I’ll be posting updates on Facebook and Twitter (@aknagel, #nageledit) throughout the day. Their wave doesn’t start until almost 1 p.m.

Wish them good luck!

Road Trip: Boise

It’s time for another addition of my Road Trip series. To add to the collection that includes, Seattle, Boise, McCall, Sandpoint, and Montana – here’s another Boise addition! (I swear someday I will travel further than the Northwest!)


There may not be a whole lotta trees or water like northern Idaho – but there is something very magical about the never-ending rolling hills.

Back in the day, Kyle went to Boise State University. One of his former roommates got married last weekend, so we decided to take advantage of the good weather and road trip down to celebrate and catch up with some friends and family.

We left Thursday night and stayed in McCall. I was so excited because I’ve never actually stayed there before, only stopped for a bite to eat. I wanted to walk around and see the shops and maybe talk with some of the locals about fun things to do – but everything closed at 6. We got into town around 5:45. So needless to say, we didn’t see a whole lot. But we did go to Bistro 45 and sip on some wine while playing Trivial Pursuit from the 80’s (it was quite the history lesson). I talked about our visit to Bistro 45 in this post from our last trip to B-town.

Looking forward do actually going in the shops next time we visit.

Looking forward do actually going in the shops next time we visit.

McCall is such a cute little town. It reminds me a little of Sandpoint but with a slightly less hippy vibe. We ended up eating at a place called the Mill – which reminded me a lot of our Wolf Lodge. I wish I had taken a picture (it was really dark in there) because they had some really amazing old decor from mining sites and the old gambling days. The food was great and everyone who worked there was super friendly. It was a great night.

I was surprised to see that Payette Lake was still frozen over. Crazy! Well it was to us anyway – apparently that’s perfectly normal. Who knew?

Lake Payette

The drive down was beautiful and it was nice to get a little break from the real world. Other than the wedding the only real plan we had was for Kyle to be able to do the bike course for his half Ironman in June. It was kind of a strange course – at lease according to the turn-by-turn instructions on their website. We got a bit turned around in the Micron parking lot (that place seemed like it was as big as Downtown Cd’A – It was a little nuts). But I did get to see Lucky Peak for the first time. A little underwhelming, but I’ve been spoiled by living up here for so long. Kyle has such great memories of the Boise area as a kid. I swear he tells me the same stories (and some new ones) every time we go visit, but it’s always fun to learn more about him and his childhood.



We had a great time and really enjoyed the sunshine – it was 70 or more almost every day. Hope you all had a great weekend, and week! Hope you enjoy a fun and relaxing Easter weekend with your families!


How do I know if an event or activity is Fido-Friendly??

Because I’ve been posting so many awesome things to do with your pooch, I decided to create a couple images that I can 20130531-153216.jpgadd to a post so you all know it’s doggie safe, or as I’m calling it, “Juneau-Approved.”

So never fear dog lovers! Juneau will let you if Fido is invited.

A lot like Christmas

Snowshoeing at SilverWinter in northern Idaho is a really sacred time for some people. Some use this time to hunker down and spend time inside, playing games and watching movies, or maybe catching up on some reading. Others live for the outdoors during this time. Snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, the list never ends. Up until about a year ago I was a member of the former group. While I thought the snow was beautiful and I love having a white Christmas, I only left the house if I absolutely had to. Now, my husband has successfully turned me into a winter junkie. I can’t get enough of being outside in the white stuff.

Last winter we were fortunate enough to be able to volunteer with our local Special Olympics. So awesome! Every Sunday we’d go up to Silver Mountain with the group and help them work on their ski and snowboard skills. Little did they know, they were actually helping me with mine! I struggled to keep up with most of them, luckily they were all pretty patient with me :)

This year we decided to forgo volunteering and get our own season passes. I never realized how fortunate we are to have so many ski hills close by. Silver, Schweitzer and Lookout are just the ones in northern Idaho, there’s probably three more over in the Spokane area as well as further south and over in western Washington. Silver will always hold a special place in my heart though; that’s where my husband proposed to me. I know, I know… a little sappy. But it’s our mountain and we love it.

Lookout is great because it’s more affordable, and I’m told the snow is usually the best. The guys that run the terrain park are awesome! They post videos on Vimeo almost weekly and they’re great.

We’ll be heading up to the mountain this week for sure! Hope to see you up there.

Happy Holidays!
Andy and family

Road Trippin’

I’ve always preferred northern Idaho to southern Idaho. The forested mountains, abundance of lakes, rivers and hiking trails, and full four seasons leave little more to be desired. With this said, I have to admit how much I love visiting big cities. Seattle is my favorite, but we visit Boise a lot because my husband is a Boisian (Boiseite?).

When he first moved back down there for college in 2006 I made up my mind that anything and everyone associated with the southern half of the state was terrible. I hated Boise for the sheer fact that he was down there and I was still up north. His beloved blue and orange made me cringe and made my beautiful crimson and gray all the more desirable. Slowly but surely my PTSD associated with Boise has faded and I really enjoy visiting now. I love seeing his uncles and our (mostly his) friends. The weather is usually nicer and the shopping is fantastic. But mostly I love the drive.

The quick 7 ½ hour drive is beautiful and we always make a pit-stop in one of my favorite towns, McCall. Each time we stop we try a new place to eat, or take a walk somewhere we haven’t seen yet. The Payette Lake is stunning this time of year and unlike Coeur d’Alene, it actually has some sandy beaches.

This trip we stopped at a great place called Bistro 45, tucked away in a beautiful courtyard behind the McCall hotel. With a multitude of wine and craft beers, its cozy atmosphere was perfect for a chilly fall day. We ordered baked brie and a glass of red (delicious!) and chatted about our trip over a game of checkers. Bistro 45 is a great place to hang out, grab a bite and relax. We usually pick a new place each trip, but I kind of want to break tradition and go back next time.