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2013 Wrap Up

Can you believe that 2013 is already over?! My mind is blown. There was so much more I wanted to do and share with you throughout this year but boy does time fly. Today I want to do a little recap of some of my favorite posts to celebrate the awesomeness that was 2013.


Last January I announced that I would participate in a 365 Photo Challenge where I would attempt to take a photo every day for a year (or at least have 365 photos to represent my year). I haven’t calculated my total yet, but before Halloween I was at 280 so it’s very possible that I was successful.


The goal of this challenge was to get me using my camera a lot more and really learning how to use it. And if that’s the case then I more than achieved my resolution – I can shoot in manual mode now. Can I get a what what?!

Although, I still can’t wait to see how camera crazy I went this year. I know I took more than 365 photos – but who knows if I got 365 photos that I’m willing to admit are mine. We’ll see.


In February 2013 we hiked Caribou Ridge out past Beauty Bay. We spotted an elk across the ridge from us and heard all kinds of birds. We were also able to test out Juneau’s trail skills and trustworthiness off of her leash while hiking. I’d give her an A-.


I also gave you all some fun Valentine ideas in case you weren’t feeling romantically inspired.


In March I took a chilly walk down Sherman and Lakeside and gave you a run-down of the best restaurants down there.

PS – Fire is still our favorite


April was a busy month for us! We Kyle built a pergola in our backyard where we have since hosted many-a-bonfires and BBQs. Such a great guy :)

That month I also discovered my new favorite cocktail (hint: it’s a Manhattan) and exactly how dangerous Season’s happy hour is. Yum! Since realizing what a great deal it is, I’ve gone for happy hour at least six times.

Girls' Night Out

Kyle and I, along with our friends Kristin and Blake, discovered Marie Creek and a fun trail just a little further than Wolf Lodge.

Side note: Kyle and I went back on Christmas day this year and I have to warn you that the trail heading down to the creek was super icy and a little scary. Proceed with caution.

This was the first time we took Juneau and their lab Sadie for a hike together and let them run around. Instant besties!


Also that month I went on a trip for Kristin’s bachelorette party to Lake Chelan. I never told you guys about it so I’m saving it for a post in the future. It sure was fun though!


In May I talked a lot about dogs. The dog show at the fairgrounds, Dog d’Alene and my little Juneau-approved icon were all introduced.

We also went up to Lost in the 50’s – one of my favorite things in the whole wide world! It’s a tradition for my dad and I to go look at all the amazing cars and for my mom to go shop. After, we treat ourselves to a burger at MickDuff’s and refill our “Go Green, Drink Red” bottles at the winery.



June (as always) was the kick-off to summer entertainment and activities. Live music, walks, art shows, and Ironman all took center stage. What I remember most from June was our trip to Farragut State Park with my family. It was mine and Kyle’s first time camping there and we really enjoyed it. Despite the many rain storms, we got to hike and ride bikes a ton (Kyle even did a guest post about it!) and spending time with family is always good.


We also hiked Mineral Ridge (my first time!) and went to Car d’Alene. June was a very busy month for us.



July was all about being outside. We went camping up at Riley Creek, just outside of Sandpoint. It was the first time our oldest nephews tried tubing and we took them on an educational nature walk (yeah, we’re that aunt and uncle) where we learned all about local vegetation and animals.


In July we were also able to check out the first paddleboard races at the NIC beach and that was also the first time we went to Slate Creek Brewery – easily the best beer in town.


My Fourth of July was a little more relaxed this year. I enjoyed the parade downtown with my family, then Kristen and I took the pups to Mineral Ridge for a hike. When Kyle got off work, we all headed out to his parents’ cabin for a BBQ and to watch the fireworks. 

This is also the month that Kyle posted about biking Bernard Peak while we were camping at Farragut. I’d love to see him do some more guest posts for you guys.


August is always the busiest month in the summer because everyone wants to pack all things fun in before fall hits. Much like July, we spent a good part of the month outside and participated in a lot of firsts.

Kyle and his little bro (Kendrich) did the Cd’A Triathlon (Kendrich’s first tri) and now they both have the bug and even signed up for the Boise half Ironman in June. We have a couple of projects in mind surrounding their training so stay tuned!


Kyle and I floated the Cd’A River together for the first time. It was quite chilly and the next time we go it will be much earlier in the day so we get some sun. Brr! We launched at Bumblebee and ended up having a great time.

The further along I get in this post, the more I’m realizing 2013 was a year of firsts for me. That feels pretty dang good.


We also hiked Gold Hill Trail #3 in the rain and enjoyed MickDuff’s after.



September is a special month for us because it’s our anniversary month. So of course we had lots planned.

Kyle ran Race for the Cure – Juneau and I played cheerleaders because I was pretty wiped out from going to a football game with my dad the night before. We rocked our Crimson and Gray and took the ‘stang down to Pullman for the WSU vs. UI game.



October brought on a whole mess of fall fun and festivities. I gave you a round-up of all the Oktoberfests we participated in (including downtown Cd’A and Sandpoint). I told you all about my favorite fall event – the Apple Festival over at Green Bluff. Clarissa, Kyle and I gorged on pumpkin doughnuts and we brought home a slew of pumpkins and apples.


We also celebrated my golden birthday (26 on the 26th) and Halloween with a costume party over at Clarissa and Eric’s. Kyle and I channeled our inner Great Gatsby characters – winning us the second place prize – and our friends Mike and Hilary won first with their all-night personas of Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone.


Two major projects were brought to the public in October. The McEuen Park open house was a huge success, bringing citizens from all over the greater Cd’A area downtown to view the progress. The CDA 2030 project also started gaining some momentum with their launch event, surveys and workshops.



November got super busy with the holidays approaching. My biggest post from November was an interview with Nicole Kahler with the CDA 2030 team. She told us all about the vision plan and what they’ve discovered so far. She also told us all about the Vision Summit that I attended on the 11th.



Talk about a busy month. Unfortunately it was busy in a post-worthy kind of way and I ended up taking a little holiday hiatus. I did take some time to tell you all about the 2030 Summit and what was discussed while I was there. I also told you about my specific group as well as the other special interest areas being addressed with the new vision.


It’s been a busy year! And like I said, I didn’t even get to share everything we did with you.

All in all I think it’s been a great year for my little blog. I have over 130 likes on Facebook now (yay!) and am slowing discovering what I want Stuck in North Idaho to grow up to be. For now I’m happy and content sharing my life in North Idaho with you and continue to hope it helps you appreciate our little corner in the Northwest and inspires you to get out and enjoy it.

Can’t wait to share my New Year’s resolutions with you and see how I measured up to last year’s. Until then,

Happy New Year!

What a weekend

What a weekend. I think this is the first time I’ve been able to sit down and collect my thoughts in a couple days. Between friends, family, a golf tournament, and a football game it’s been a bit crazy. In a good way though. I feel like there is so much to do all the time and every once in a while it’s fun to try to cram in everything you want to do. Although I must say a lazy weekend will be in order soon. This girl needs some downtime!

The weekend started with hangout time with our friends. Stayed up playing Rock Band into the wee hours, but it was really fun and totally worth the sleep deprivation. After five hours of sleep, I joined my dad and father-in-law for a golf tournament in Post Falls. It was my first (and most likely last) time playing this season (sadness) but it made me want to practice and get better for next year.

All in all, it was a lot of fun, and any time spent with my dad is great. The fact that John was able to join us made it all the better. Gotta love dads.


After that my dad and I packed up the Mustang (love my dad’s car!!) and headed down to P-town (Pullman for those unfamiliar with the lingo) for my first Cougar football game of the season. Definitely hoping it’s not my last. To make it better, it was homecoming weekend, so festivities were on high. We played UI and totally kicked their asses all the way back to Moscow. I don’t even feel a little bad (sorry to my UI friends out there!).


It felt great to be back on the Palouse. I miss all the excitement and camaraderie. Every time I cruise down 95 I relive my weekend drives to and from Wazzu. The excitement of turning the corner and seeing the lake and resort in the distance (home sweet home!), the fun road trips with my friends listening to music and singing at the top of our lungs. So many awesome memories of Pullman.


I think most of all, it was just great to spend a day with my dad. I have a really special and close relationship with both my parents. I think it’s because my sisters are so much older than me. I didn’t hang out with them much, and really sometimes it felt like I was an only child. But because of this I really treasure the time I get to spend with them. Especially the rare one-on-one time; it really doesn’t happen enough. There’s no better way to hang out with Dad than golf and a Cougs game.


After a sleepy drive back from Pullman, Sunday morning wasn’t all that welcome. But it was Race for the Cure day, so Kyle and I were up and at ’em by 7:30. We rode the beach cruisers down to NIC and brought Juneau for her first race experience. Her and I played photographer and cheerleader for the morning and she was thrilled with all the extra attention. Boy that dog loves pets :)




Kyle did great, finishing second in his age group. Woot, woot! It’s awesome to see the community come together and support a cause. Both of our works had teams there and we saw a ton of friends and acquaintances. I think if the blog ever becomes something larger I’d like to have a presence there. Would you join the SINI team if it existed? Hmmm… perhaps next year that will have to happen.




Hope you all had a fantastic and fun-filled weekend like I did! Tell me about it, and tell me what you’re doing in weeks to come. I always want to hear from you guys.

Happy Monday!


How do I know if an event or activity is Fido-Friendly??

Because I’ve been posting so many awesome things to do with your pooch, I decided to create a couple images that I can 20130531-153216.jpgadd to a post so you all know it’s doggie safe, or as I’m calling it, “Juneau-Approved.”

So never fear dog lovers! Juneau will let you if Fido is invited.