Batters up!

Happy Monday, folks! Hope you all had a great weekend and didn’t get washed away with all the rain.


In between storms on Saturday we managed to have our first softball practice at River City Lanes in Post Falls. I know, sounds weird, right? No, we weren’t throwing bowling balls at each other to hit, they have batting cages and the only slow pitch machines in the area.

It was great to finally get our team together, though there were a few still missing. Everyone looked great for our first practice – can’t wait to get out on the field and see how we do there!


Hey batter, batter…


Had to share simply for Eric’s face in the background. Love.

It sounds like our first game might be May 28 – but like I said, I’ll keep you posted. We have such a fun team – I hope you all can come support us and cheer us on and celebrate with us after. It would be so cool to be the team that actually brings a crowd to the games.

Here’s our team roster – just in case you feel like making any posters or anything ;) because you know you want to.

Megan, #2
Hilary, #5
Kyle, #6 (he’s also acting as team captain)
Dylan, #7
Mike, #8
Eric, #9
Tom, #11
Jim, #13
Clarissa, #18
Brooke, #21
Andrea (Hey that’s me!), #26
Greg, #30
Heather, #34



Don’t worry, Clarissa had fair warning that her “don’t take my photo face” would end up online. I’m such a good friend :)

Here’s to spring and the start of softball season!

Interested in learning more about our community softball league? Check out the Parks and Rec Department!

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