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Almost Famous

OK, so not really. But for the first time ever, for one-thousandth of a second, I felt famous.

I was down at Riverstone Park waiting for our employee wellness running group so I could take pictures for their marketing materials, when some guy walked passed me and said, “Excuse me?”

I immediately had one of those mini panic attacks because I didn’t recognize him (Was it one of Kyle’s co-workers? One of my sisters’ friends?). Turns out he was just a really nice guy who’s wife READS MY BLOG! He recognized me and was nice enough to say hi (I’m really terrible at remembering names, but I think he said it was Ryan. If so: Hi Ryan and Wifey, thanks for reading!)

That definitely made my day. That, and these really cute ducks that let me take their picture.

Just a couple of ducks, sunbathing.

Just a couple of ducks, sunbathing.

I liked the lady duck. She was friendly (probably because she thought I had food).

I liked the lady duck. She was friendly (probably because she thought I had food).

Happy Wednesday!

Batters up!

Happy Monday, folks! Hope you all had a great weekend and didn’t get washed away with all the rain.


In between storms on Saturday we managed to have our first softball practice at River City Lanes in Post Falls. I know, sounds weird, right? No, we weren’t throwing bowling balls at each other to hit, they have batting cages and the only slow pitch machines in the area.

It was great to finally get our team together, though there were a few still missing. Everyone looked great for our first practice – can’t wait to get out on the field and see how we do there!


Hey batter, batter…


Had to share simply for Eric’s face in the background. Love.

It sounds like our first game might be May 28 – but like I said, I’ll keep you posted. We have such a fun team – I hope you all can come support us and cheer us on and celebrate with us after. It would be so cool to be the team that actually brings a crowd to the games.

Here’s our team roster – just in case you feel like making any posters or anything ;) because you know you want to.

Megan, #2
Hilary, #5
Kyle, #6 (he’s also acting as team captain)
Dylan, #7
Mike, #8
Eric, #9
Tom, #11
Jim, #13
Clarissa, #18
Brooke, #21
Andrea (Hey that’s me!), #26
Greg, #30
Heather, #34



Don’t worry, Clarissa had fair warning that her “don’t take my photo face” would end up online. I’m such a good friend :)

Here’s to spring and the start of softball season!

Interested in learning more about our community softball league? Check out the Parks and Rec Department!

This Weekend in North Idaho

This Weekend North Idaho

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week, despite the rainy weather. There’s a lot going on this weekend including live music, the Leadman Triathlon, and the Crimson and Gray football game. Let’s get to it!

We’ve got a lot going on – I’m hoping to get at least some downtime to relax and hang with miss Juneau, but I have a feeling it’s going to be another one of those go-go-go weekends.

Tonight we’re taking our oldest nephew to dinner for his 11th birthday. It’s hard to believe he’s going to be a teenager soon – Kyle and I were freshman in high school when he was born. So crazy to see these boys grow and change so quickly. I’m one proud auntie, that’s for sure!

On Saturday my parents and I are heading over to Spokompton for the Crimson and Gray football scrimmage. So pumped! I’ve never gone before. After that our SINI softball team has our very first batting practice. Hopefully you guys can all come and cheer us on Wednesday nights. I’ll keep you posted on times and locations. I think our first game is the first week in June. Go, team, go! It’s looking like any downtime will happen on Sunday (it’s also supposed to start raining again that day – boo!)

If your weekend is looking a little sparse, here are some fun ideas to pep it up a bit:


  • Nate Ostrander, 7 p.m., Fedora Pub and Grill, 1726 W. Kathleen Ave. in Cd’A
  • The Powell Brothers, 5-8 p.m., the Pend d’Oreille Winery, 220 Cedar St. in Sandpoint
  • Moscow Brewfest 2014, 5-9 p.m., $10-$15 (includes 5 samplers) at the 1912 Center, 412 E. Third in Moscow


  • Leadman Triathlon, Check-in starts at 7 a.m. (I think the Race is at 9), at Silver Mt. Resort in Kellogg. Check out the Leadman webpage for more info.


  • Dueling Pianos at the Cellar, 6-9 p.m., 317 E. Sherman Ave.

If you make if over to watch the Leadman, just start cheering for a guy named Mike doing the running portion. He’ll appreciate it :)

Have a wonderful weekend, can’t wait to share all about our first batting practice.


My Easter Weekend.


This photo is a miracle. I don’t know that I’ll ever get her to both sit still and wear something on her head for longer than half a second ever again. Soak in the cuteness while you can…

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! Ours was go-go-go but so much fun. We spent Saturday night celebrating my mom and dad’s 65th birthdays. April is a busy month for my family and birthdays. My dad’s was April 20, our oldest nephew’s is April 24 and my mom’s (Fun Fact: this is also my half-birthday) is April 26. It’s going to be another crazy week!

My sisters and I have been working for months to plan a surprise birthday party for them. All their friends came to celebrate with us – it was great.

I swear I did nothing but eat on Sunday. Brunch with Kyle’s parents, dinner with mine. Delicious, but I think I’m still full. Now that that’s over I feel like it’s time to hit the gym and the road to amp up for summer. So ready!

How was your Easter? Share some pics on our Facebook page!


Road Trip: Boise

It’s time for another addition of my Road Trip series. To add to the collection that includes, Seattle, Boise, McCall, Sandpoint, and Montana – here’s another Boise addition! (I swear someday I will travel further than the Northwest!)


There may not be a whole lotta trees or water like northern Idaho – but there is something very magical about the never-ending rolling hills.

Back in the day, Kyle went to Boise State University. One of his former roommates got married last weekend, so we decided to take advantage of the good weather and road trip down to celebrate and catch up with some friends and family.

We left Thursday night and stayed in McCall. I was so excited because I’ve never actually stayed there before, only stopped for a bite to eat. I wanted to walk around and see the shops and maybe talk with some of the locals about fun things to do – but everything closed at 6. We got into town around 5:45. So needless to say, we didn’t see a whole lot. But we did go to Bistro 45 and sip on some wine while playing Trivial Pursuit from the 80’s (it was quite the history lesson). I talked about our visit to Bistro 45 in this post from our last trip to B-town.

Looking forward do actually going in the shops next time we visit.

Looking forward do actually going in the shops next time we visit.

McCall is such a cute little town. It reminds me a little of Sandpoint but with a slightly less hippy vibe. We ended up eating at a place called the Mill – which reminded me a lot of our Wolf Lodge. I wish I had taken a picture (it was really dark in there) because they had some really amazing old decor from mining sites and the old gambling days. The food was great and everyone who worked there was super friendly. It was a great night.

I was surprised to see that Payette Lake was still frozen over. Crazy! Well it was to us anyway – apparently that’s perfectly normal. Who knew?

Lake Payette

The drive down was beautiful and it was nice to get a little break from the real world. Other than the wedding the only real plan we had was for Kyle to be able to do the bike course for his half Ironman in June. It was kind of a strange course – at lease according to the turn-by-turn instructions on their website. We got a bit turned around in the Micron parking lot (that place seemed like it was as big as Downtown Cd’A – It was a little nuts). But I did get to see Lucky Peak for the first time. A little underwhelming, but I’ve been spoiled by living up here for so long. Kyle has such great memories of the Boise area as a kid. I swear he tells me the same stories (and some new ones) every time we go visit, but it’s always fun to learn more about him and his childhood.



We had a great time and really enjoyed the sunshine – it was 70 or more almost every day. Hope you all had a great weekend, and week! Hope you enjoy a fun and relaxing Easter weekend with your families!