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“Weekend” Re-Cap

I put quotes around weekend because, really, this extends back to last Thursday. It should extend all the way back to last weekend, but we’ll save that for another day. Perhaps Thursday…

Is it just me or has the past couple of weeks been a little nuts? We’ve been go, go, go (for a lot of good reasons) and finding time to pop in and give you an update is few and far between. I hope you all have been having as much fun as us! Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Megan scored free tickets to a concert in Sandpoint at the Panida Theater. So after work Thursday we headed up north, despite the snow, and found ourselves quite comfy at MickDuff’s (any surprise there?) chatting with the bar tender, eating wings (which had the best BBQ sauce I’ve ever had) and drinking a couple beers. A great start to our “almost weekend.”


My fav? The Knot Head Black and Tan. Yum!

After filling up on wings and beer, we headed over to the theater. I had never heard of the artist – Ani DiFranco – but I was pleasantly surprised. She reminded me of a Natalie Imbruglia or Lisa Loeb. One of those strong, female singer-songwriters of the 90’s. Dylan said she sounded a little “man-hating” in some of her songs.

Yeah. Maybe a little.

The music was fantastic, though, and her guitar skills were impressive. So often when I go to shows, artists can either play or sing, but rarely at the same time and almost never with this much skill. Her lyrics are clever and her banter witty. It was a great show and I’m so thankful Megan asked me to go with her.

Panida Theater.jpg

What made the show even better was the audience. She had some real followers there and actually interacted with them during the show – allowing them to make requests and ask questions. The best audience member was about four rows in front of us – we now refer to him as Namaste Clap-clap Guy. He really had a great groove going. I think I might steal some of his moves.

On Friday Kyle and I were going on a little date up to the Porch in Hayden. A friend said they had ribs as their special and they’re the best ribs ever. Megan admitted to being a Porch virgin so of course we brought her and Dylan along with us to share in the gloriousness of the best ribs ever.

Only there were no ribs. None. Know why? The rotating specials switch on Thursday. Not Friday or Saturday like Nick told us. Thursday.

Disappointment filled us all. But dinner was still amazing as always, I got my staple cranberry salad and everyone else was happy with their dinners as well. Still delicious. Still fun.

Just as an FYI, you can check out the rotating specials of any Porch-Moon Time pub family restaurants at I will be checking this from now on as to avoid any future disappointments. *cough cough* Nick *cough*

To cap off our weekend, we made a trip to REI on Sunday to get Kyle some snowshoes and Junebug some doggy booties. Please excuse the poor video quality and demon eyes. I promise my dog isn’t possessed.

It was a very successful trip. Every time we go I’m more thankful that there isn’t one in Cd’A. We’d be broke.

Hope your week is off to a great start! I have an official winner for the new Stuck in North Idaho logo and will be introducing it THIS WEEKEND! Woot woot!


The 5 Most Romantic Spots in North Idaho (that I’m aware of)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I had to include the disclaimer just so I don’t get bombarded by emails and nasty comments. I asked for suggestions so you can’t complain if you didn’t respond. Lawyered! (Any other HIMYM fans out there?)

Last week I told you North Idaho is one of the most romantic spots in the world. And I firmly believe that. So as promised, I compiled my Top 5 Most Romantic Spots in North Idaho (please keep in mind these will mostly be in Cd’A and this list is not all-inclusive and they are in no particular order). 

1. Tubbs Hill – Whether you’re at the top looking out at the city or down on the beach cuddling up by the lake, this is the epitome of a high school “make-out point” (or like-name) scenario. It’s the best way to feel away from it all but still be right in the middle of town.

My good friends Kristen and Blake "Save the Dates" at the lovely Tubbs Hill

My good friends Kristen and Blake “Save the Dates” at the lovely Tubbs Hill

2. Beverly’s – You will rarely hear me boast about the Resort, and that’s mostly because It’s so overdone. However, if you’re looking for an intimate date night go to Beverly’s on a Friday or Saturday night and sit in the bar. There’s beautiful views of the lake, the lights are very dim and there’s a great guitar player that takes requests. Sip on a glass of wine or order the coffee service. You won’t be disappointed.

3. Green Bay – No, I don’t mean the football team. Green Bay on Lake Pend d’Oreille is incredibly secluded and beautiful. It has rocky shores with a few campsites and gorgeous views. Google it, check it out. I dare ya.

4. Silver Mountain – Silver Mountain holds a special place in my heart. I’m sure I’ve told you the story before, but it’s where Kyle proposed to me (the day after Valentine’s Day actually). So every time we go up there it’s a little reminder of that special day.



5. Local eateries – This is incredibly vague. I know. But science shows that humans love food and associate positive feelings with eating. So of course it’s easy to set the mood with a little low lighting and deliciousness! My suggestions? Fire, Tony’s, Seasons, Bardenay and the Porch top my list for around the Cd’A/Hayden area. Bon Appetit!

Here’s another little Valentine nugget for you:

After my comment in my last romance post about the “I Saw You” section of the Inlander, I picked up this week’s issue and noticed they have stories about successful romances that started there! Had to share :)

Happy Heart Day!


Snowshoe 4th of July Pass


Can you believe all the snow we’ve gotten in the past week? Where was this around the holidays? Wherever it was, I’m glad it’s here now.

After doing some research via the Panhandle Nordic Club, we took advantage of the snowy weather and headed up to 4th of July Pass for a little snowshoeing with Juneau and my parents’ yellow lab, Shelby. It was such a treat! The snow was light and fluffy and to make it even better we were the only ones on that trail the whole day. So peaceful. This was only my third time snowshoeing and I love it more each time I go. I’m looking for fun and unique places to go so please let me know if you have any suggestions!

Kyle got me some great snowshoes from Cabela’s for Christmas and I haven’t been able to use them until now. They were light and the straps were easy to use, which I appreciated. One of our neighbors gave me his old ski poles to use (so nice of him!) so I was ready to go without having to buy or rent any additional equipment.



(Top) My new snowshoes from Cabela’s (Bottom) Feet Feet’s awesome racing rentals. Although they didn’t do much racing on Sunday :)

On the other hand (or foot…) Kyle needed to rent some snowshoes, so he headed down to Fleet Feet on Sherman to try out some of their racing shoes. There, he also discovered that you need a Park n’ Ski pass in order to ski or snowshoe state rec areas. Luckily, Fleet Feet is one of the vendors and $25 later (plus the $15 for rentals) we were good to go.

We chose to take Jeanette’s Jaunt up to the picnic area – we estimated there and back being a little less than seven miles. It felt great to get outside and move around after the severe cold we’ve had. Brr! As much as I love the winter, I’m ready for some warmer weather – even back up into the 30’s would be great.

Side note: I had a total “You know you’re from North Idaho when…” moment today. A co-worker and I were walking out in the sun and I didn’t have a coat on and mentioned how nice and warm it felt. She said, “I know, it almost feels like spring!” 

Then she checked her phone and noted it was only 34 degrees out. So, you know you’re from North Idaho when 34 degrees feels like springtime.


We ended up hiking around for about five hours and the last mile-and-a-half was in the dark so we learned a valuable lesson in all this too, start before 1 p.m. and bring headlamps. Now that I’ve shared my vast knowledge with you I expect you won’t make the same mistake.


Snowshoeing is definitely Juneau-approved and also, Shelby’s face cracks me up! The more you look at it, the funnier it is…


The dogs could barely keep their eyes open while we took a lunch break.

The dogs were exhausted and even started nodding off at the halfway point when we stopped for lunch. It’s so fun to let them off their leashes and run around, they were in heaven. Just be sure not to let your dog run on the cross-country trails. Heads will roll.

The trails were fantastic and the rest areas had materials to build a fire. There’s supposed to be a warming shelter at some point but we didn’t make it that far. I was definitely ready to turn back when we did and was SO ready for bed when we got home. Luckily our neighbors invited us over for dinner. They’re the very best :)

Have you guys been hitting the trails or the slopes lately? Where should we go explore next?

Happy trails!

Another side note: Sandpoint’s Winter Carnival is this upcoming weekend! I’ve always wanted to go check it out but I don’t know if it’s in the cards this year. There’s a ton of great events so be sure to check it out if you’re up that way!

Is North Idaho romantic?

It’s that time again. When everyone gets all twitterpated and I gorge myself with chocolate and sour gummy hearts (Speaking of which, the Chocolate Affair is this Friday!).


Photo By: Jennifer Haas Photography

I’ve always thought of North Idaho as a romantic place because of its pretty lake beaches, starry nights and great food (is it a surprise that I equate love and food? It shouldn’t be). But I recently read on Time Magazine’s website that Amazon release a list of the “Top 20 Most Romantic Cities” and good ‘ol Cd’A wasn’t mentioned.

Normally I don’t mind when we’re left off a national list like this, for two reasons:

  1. We’re very small and not many large-scale publications and businesses know we exist.
  2. The more people that know about Cd’A, the more people will want to move here rather than just visit. And we don’t need that.

However, when you look at the list, number 9 (go ahead, I’ll wait) you’ll notice that our neighbor to the west is listed. Spokane doesn’t strike me as a romantic city at first thought. Especially in comparison to one of the many quaint North Idaho towns. When I think of Spokane (or Spokompton as I lovingly refer to it as) I think of the homeless problem, the many robberies and crimes I see on the news each night, bikini barista controversies, getting high, and extremely awesome minimum wages.  But then I stopped to think about some of the more unique spots in Spokane – I don’t really know of many actually. Come to think of it, the most romance I’ve seen come from Spokane are the sad souls looking for love in the “I saw you” section of the Inlander.


Here are some spots (the few I’m aware of) that offer a bit of romance:

  1. Manito Park (and the Tap House!)
  2. Riverfront Park – the gondolas over the falls are beautiful!
  3. Davenport Hotel
  4. Italian Kitchen
  5. Fox Theater

So I thought of five. Please keep in mind that I know very little about Spokane other than how to get to the parks, malls and Trader Joe’s. And actually, I would add Trader Joe’s to the list. I do love that place.

I attempted to look up a few places to add to my list via KXLY’s Facebook post. What I ended up getting was a great laugh – apparently the majority Spokanites aren’t very passionate about their city. Read their hilarious comments. My favorite is, “Smoking meth in Riverfront Park,” or, “Nothing brings a couple together like being mugged downtown, such a bonding moment.”

I have to add that Amazon’s list has more to do with who’s buying what off of Amazon than the actual romantic-ness a city has to offer. Which makes me feel better. Maybe we’re not on that list because we are romantic enough in real life and don’t need to buy the entire box set of 50 Shades of Grey.

I’m compiling my own list of favorite romantic spots in North Idaho and I’d love to include yours! Send them my way!