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A perga-wha??

It’s that time of year again. The time when trees and flowers start blooming, the hum of saws and the smell of paint fill the air, and the time my brain goes into DIY hyper-mode. I love the spring.

Over the weekend I was away for a bachelorette party (a lovely post on that to come!) and I guess Kyle must be in the the DIY spirit too because I came home to three-quarters of a pergola! Beautiful! What a great guy… anyway…

I spent Sunday afternoon helping him finish up and now what used to be an eyesore is now a great new hangout and place for our fire pit.  Plus I learned how to use a Miter Saw and drill. Now I’m addicted to power tools. Bring on the projects!


I foresee lots of BBQs, fires and hopefully some comfy outdoor seating in our future. A hammock swing maybe?


On this note I feel I need to add that this year my summer to-do’s will probably be more home based. We will certainly be out and about and I am going to do my best to keep up on any live music or fun events in the area, however, as a young couple there comes a time when cutbacks need to be made to pay off some stuff and I really want to do some cool projects at home (I’m so excited to start my first veggie garden!).

But like my mantra for this blog has been, “As long as there’s something to do, are you ever really stuck?”  I promise to keep writing entertaining posts about fun things to do. I love where I live and will continue to find new ways to enjoy it!

Happy Wednesday!

The happiest of hours

Seasons Happy Hour
Do you guys know that Seasons has an amazing happy hour menu? It’s true.

We don’t really do happy hours much. In fact we’re usually lucky if we eat before eight. But a couple weeks ago we decided to grab a late lunch and just happened-upon Seasons’ daily 3-6 happy hour. We split Kobe sliders, sweet potato fries and we each got a beer (only $2 each!) and it only cost $14. No joke. Cheapest date ever.

Last Saturday I grabbed my girls and we caught the tail-end (made it by 2 minutes). Martinis are always a fun treat, but their more fun when they’re only $5.

My drink of choice was a Manhattan. Amazing! Amongst our chatter and catch-up we decided that I drink like a guy in that I like beer and dislike sweet drinks like Cosmos and such (I prefer to think that I drink like Robin Sherbatsky on How I Met Your Mother but whatever). Whiskey and sweet Vermouth. Yum.

Clarissa enjoyed a lemon-basil drink while Whitney and Annie each had Seasons’ version of a Cosmo. All were delightful and the company was more so. Love my friends!

So now I’m thinking… who else around town has great happy hour deals? I feel like there is a whole other world of early eating and enjoyment I’ve been missing. Let me know your recommendations!


Up Marie Creek – No paddle necessary

It’s been too long! So sorry. We’ve had a lot of family stuff going on, a new baby niece, grandmas visiting, birthdays galore. I’m sure you know the drill.

But the good news is I have lots to talk about, including some really awesome hikes. I’m going out of order here but that’s alright.

On Easter we decided to head up to Marie Creek with our friends Kristin and Blake for a pre-feast hike. The trail is about 1 miles out, I think we only went a third of the way before we had to turn back. I think this is the warmest Easter I’ve experienced to-date because we were all hot and shedding layers along the way.


It was a great, not too steep and the dogs loved it. Along the way we saw moose droppings, lots of birds, butterflies, and what seemed like a million ladybugs. The creek was pretty large, and very clean. The dogs jumped in to cool off and grab a drink. The only bad part was the trail was really muddy at first. I’m thinking it will dry out as we move into summer but at the time it was pretty mushy and slick.