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What do you want for dinner tonight?

The age-old question we all hate being asked.

What do I want for dinner tonight? Well I don’t know…

While taking Juneau for a walk last week down Sherman Ave. I noticed how many restaurants there are in Cd’A. If you haven’t taken inventory lately it’s a lot. I started taking photos of each one we passed and before I knew it I had over 15 photos and I felt that was a bit much for one blog post. So here’s a few of my favorites along the main drag and a few shout-outs to some I missed…

Hudson's, The Cellar, Bonsai and Seasons


I was really surprised to see that Hudson’s doesn’t have a website because it’s kind of a historical place in Cd’A. Over 100 years old, Hudson’s is a staple of downtown Cd’A. Although it’s nothing fancy, it’s worth a try, at least just to say you’ve been there. With a choice of pickle and onion only, decision making is no problem here. Just don’t ask for fries. Don’t.

The Cellar

I haven’t been to the Cellar since they moved last summer, but I’ve peeked in and it’s beautiful. With wine barrels and trendy decor, this place is great for a date night or special occasion. I’ve heard there’s a new chef so I don’t know if the food is different, but they used to have a baked brie appetizer that was amazing! Let me know if you go and they still have it. My mouth is drooling just thinking about it…

Bonsai Bistro

I have to admit that while the sushi is good, it can’t compare to Syringa in mid-town. However, Bonsai has a lot more options and space for larger groups and families. It’s one of those places where everyone can order a different dish and share. If you want lots of options go here, otherwise head to Hudson’s.


Seasons is one of my favorite new restaurants. Seasons offers fresh, local foods and a great bar and lounge. Seasons frequently has live music and a space for group meetings and parties. My favorite thing on the menu is the Kobe burger with the sweet potato fries and a Bloody Mary. Oh. My. Gosh.

Fire, Scratch and Cricket's


I think I talk about this place too much, but it’s just so dang good! This is mine and Kyle’s favorite place for a date night. And good news for all you Spokane-ites, there’s one in Spokane now too! Fire has unique beer and wine selections and amazing artisan pizza. Not to mention the cookie for dessert with truffle salt. You have to get this cookie to understand the amazingness that is sweet, salty, hot and cold all at the same time. To quote Nike, Just Do It.


The Cd’A version of the Spokane-based restaurant is very red. Like intimidatingly red. I hear the food is good, but portions are a little small. I’ve never been there because it’s also very pricey. I hear lots of good things and despite all the red lighting, the atmosphere is modern and clean. It’d be worth checking out.


Again as a downtown staple I’m surprised Cricket’s doesn’t have a website. Cricket’s has descent food and a good bar. They have a lot of outdoor seating in the summer and live music on the weekends. I’ve never gotten food there, but I hear good things and it’s great for families during the day and early evening. Very casual.

I know I missed a lot of great restaurants downtown: Tito’s, Rodger’s, Syringa, Capone’s, the list goes on. I promise I’ll do more soon! Let me know what your favorite restaurants are. I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions!