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So you don’t have any Valentine’s Day plans…


Valentine’s Day is a hard one. Do you want to give in to the commercialization of love, or do you want to take a stand a prove that true love should be celebrated everyday?
Either way, you’re going to need some descent date ideas that are cheap and easy to pull off.

1. At-home beer or wine tasting
How is this not a great idea? Grab your steady and head over to Pilgrims for some awesome beer and wine selections. Fill up a custom six-pack with new brews (or grab a couple unfamiliar vintages) and sample them. It’s even more fun to tap (hehe) into your inner beer/wine snob and describe their many flavors.

2. Take a cooking class
Love and food are closely related, at least in my opinion. Before you two create your own Dutch Oven of Love, learn how to make a new dish you’ve always wanted to try. Whether it’s taking a class from Gourmet Way or just printing a recipe from Pinterest, uncork a bottle of wine and make dinner together. Maybe some of the wine will even end up in your food.

3. Get outside
So I know all those cheesy Nicholas Sparks movies play into the stereotypes of dating and romance. But did you ever stop and consider that we have the makings of a romance novel in our own backyard? Take your honey boo boo down to the lake for a romantic stroll under the stars. Grab some hot cocoa and sit on the lifeguard tower just talking and staring out over the lake. If you’re really smooth, you’ll whip out your iPhone, play your favorite song and dance high-school-prom-style. Just a thought.

Need more ideas? Read this story in the Spokesman.

So what are you doing for Valentine’s Day? You better get to it!

Caribou Ridge

Two weeks ago, Kyle and I attempted to go snowshoeing out by Beauty Bay. Much to our dismay, there wasn’t enough snow so we decided to just hike instead.

We followed Highway 97 from the Wolf Lodge exit, drove by Mineral Ridge and eventually arrived at the Beauty Creek campground and Caribou Ridge. This small but pretty campground is tucked away off the highway. With just a few spaces it’s very quiet and secluded, aside from the humming of distant snowmobilers.

Beauty Creek Campground

We let Juneau off of her leash to see if she could be trusted not to run off, you never know with a 1-year-old pup. Luckily she was awesome, stuck close by and waited for us if she wandered too far ahead.

It’s about an 8 mi. hike round-trip, although we didn’t go the full distance because we started losing light. We (Kyle actually) spotted a couple elk off in the distance and we heard birds chirping everywhere. Because the trail leads away from the water, we didn’t see any eagles or water fowl, but I imagine there’s a lot more wildlife in the warmer months.

View from the top

I highly suggest this hike for anyone wanting to get out without traveling too far. The trail was pretty narrow in some spots and there was at least one down tree, so do be prepared for some obstacles. I definitely want to go back in the spring and do the entire hike. So beautiful.

Now, go take a hike!